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S2 EMAILING - tool for effective e-mail marketing

Care about clients

You probably have heard about that it is not important, what do you want, but what the customer wals. If the client has a feeling, that at the first plac eis only him, you win and you become a master sof you field. And you also earn money. Thanks to the email communication you can help and sedn valuace kontent, which really helps to your customers. You can use the form of newsletter, e-mail seria or for example ebook in pdf.

Surprise and pay attention of your clients by interesting kontent, which is delivered fast and cheap.

More time

Do you waste your time very often because of the still repeating tasks as sending emails? Preparation of graphic vision of the email? Long-term hand sending? You just guess, if your last campaign will have success?

More contacts

Without quality database of contacts can’t modern company stay alive. Contact are the gold of every successful company. Important thing is software, where you can easily and lucidly keep your contacts. And neccessary is the system of astinquish new contacts on future customers. The key is pay attention, get contact and provide something back. With the correct communication of contacts like that, you will never have lack of customers again.

You don’t send a spam

Some rules is good to keep. Law is probably between them. Avoid unnecessary problems and troubles. You can simply prevent possible complication by the group distribution of email. Just use the smart system and get the know-how.

Group distribution

Communication is motor of your days. Who doesn’t communicate, doesn’t exist. Who doesn’t communicate correctly, just survive. Don‘t underrate any communication channel and at least the most modern one. Online communication is still the most effective way, how to deliver information to the stable clients or to the future ones.

Smart tools

Businessman of the past 5 or 10 years didn’t dream about possibilities, that we have now. Things that were available only to the giant companies or what had cost plenty of thousands, you can nowdays have – even if you are small company or starting company. Statistics, automation, higher effectivity, speed, price. Everything is available and online – to the one, who are not lazy, think quickly and look for suitable and modern tools at the internet.


Key functions:

Preparation emails

Bulk sending of emails

Detailed statistics and evaluation campaigns

Import and management of contacts

Web forms


Questionnaires and surveys

Autoresponder and autoemails

Dynamic content

API sync