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Who we are

We are Czech-Budweis studio with more than ten-year history.

Intially we have specialized at design and programming of web sites, applications, e-shops, intreanet and contenmanagement system.

How clients grow up, the need of other services raised too. Following positive experience they wanted to cooeprate with one company, which was certified.

It has obvious advantages. We know our clients very well as much as we know their needs and problems.
The communication is easier, much flexible and it eliminates plenty of reasonless explanation of the vision to other suppliers.

Because we care about stable clients, we wnat to solve their problems. That’s why we develop our portfolio of services.

Over the time we hava added graphic works, e-mail marketing, avdertisement production, prints and generaly internet marketing.

With our clients we cooperate long termly!

Sound any of this situation familiar to you?

  • Your webmaster doesn’t have any time, he responses on your requests slowly or even not at all?
  • The company, which has supplied for you the services, doesn’t exist anymore? Or they do something completely different?
  • Did you pay the reserve or the entirely new web and nevertheless you don’t have it? If it needs to be more time? :-)
  • Did you pay a new web / graphic works/ other services, price was advantageous at the first look, but the result didn’t wort it?
  • Your supplier work about your specific requierements, but he isn’t able to provide you the proffesional advice, pointed, consultation and recommendation, which you need?
After that it is time to leave it on us! You have passed term of the trials and mistakes and you’re ready to become our client :-) We woud be pleased to help you and we will take care about your projects.

Why the clients come to us – and stay with us?

Most of our new customers comes because of the recommendation by existing clients. They often have bad experience with the previous service provider.

We will show you all the pitfalls of the Internet, graphics and marketing and provide you with a complete service for the South Bohemian (NB. Not to be mistaken for a student ;-)) prices.

We do not ask you to be experts in our field, tell us your wishes and goals, we will find out solutions.

We'll take care of you today, tomorrow, after a year, and after the next ten years too!

Check out some examples of our work in the reference section.